Why Blue Turban?

The colour that is symbolic of immortality – Blue, combines with the symbol of pride and diginity in Rajasthan- Turban to create a name, a collection that is designed for men, women and kids to celebrate leading-edge designs and new colours   in  fine  jewellery.

Design Philosophy

Every person is special with needs that vary and style that evolves. With this evolution, there are some things which we at Blue Turban prefer holding on to-our Precious Heritage. To suit every such precious soul’s desires and fulfill their dreams, Blue Turban aims at designing jewellery that redefine fashion and emanate panache along with carrying an enduring tale of the rich Indian legacy.

Quality Control

In the gemological world, an authentic Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence and is considered as an essential part of any transaction. Blue Turban is committed to stand behind every jewellery purchase and provide reliable quality products to its customers. Each jewellery piece by Blue Turban is hall-marked in 92.5 sterling silver. This hallmark represents the fact that the piece you are buying consists of 92.5% genuine silver.


Your every purchase at the Blue Turban is wrapped in a hand crafted “Blue Turban” mounted on the box itself, which gives an alluring effect of Rajasthan’s royalty.